Automatic number plate recognition systems(ANPR)

ANPR devices work by scanning vehicle registrations and checking them against information stored in databases, to identify vehicles of interest. When a suspicious vehicle is recognized it can be the focus of targeted interception and enquiries. ANPR can also be integrated with barrier gate systems to grant access to restricted parking areas. .

Barrier gates and bollards

Spike barriers

RFID controlled access

There is an increasing need for contactless entry and exit in parking lots. With long range RFID systems integrated with barrier gates, customers are bale to seamlessly enter and egress restricted parking facilities.

Under vehicle scanning/inspection systems

These systems help to inspect, analyze suspicious objects that may be hidden under the chassis of vehicles. There are two options available; portable that is flexible and can be moved to different locations and a fixed one. Besides vehicle scanning the system is able to capture the License plate and the driver’s face.

Pedestrian security and Access control

Our products range from retractable gates, swing gates, flap gates and turnstiles. Our pedestrian gates can be installed with biometric access control terminals.

CCTV surveillance systems

We partner with world leaders in the manufacture of surveillance products to deliver cutting edge, robust and reliable surveillance systems. Our video security solutions are powered by AI to provide you with the right information at the right time. .

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